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Educational guiding principles

Social interaction


Guided module

The children are guided playfully by the teachers to educational topics and their knowledge is developed.

Free module

The children can decide themselves how to spend their time playfully and educate themselves individually.

Project work

Project work is integrated as the children get older. Together with appropriate members of staff, projects in the fields of music, exercise, artistic expression and natural sciences are carried out.

Social engagement

Social projects such as visits to retirement homes, hospital wards and animal shelters are intended to encourage social competence and foster appreciation.

Daily schedule and rituals


Bodily care & hygiene



Children not only like clambering on climbing frames and swinging on ropes. They play even longer and more enthusiastically when they can dig, build and model. That is why playgrounds with stones, tree stumps, earth, pebbles, sand and water fascinate them particularly. But when playing, children also need safety and places to hide, thus bushes and hedges… (Source: Baslerzeitung)