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Team Olten

Qualified staff is a characteristic of  easy-kid-care.

We place great value on perfectly trained staff. They are subjected to strict selection and application processes.

TeamTarget discussions are carried out regularly and progress, development and satisfaction are examined. The continuous further education of our care personnel is very important to us. We support them with educational and training programmes. Our quality management system ensures that we only employ the best.

The composition of our team is adapted to the care and educational needs of the babies and children in our trust.

Regular exchanges with a renowned nursery in London always ensure the high European standards of  easy-kid-care.

Corina Dreier-Gebauer : Founder / Managing Director

Founder / Managing Director

Following her matriculation in business and law, Corina Dreier-Gebauer qualified as a teacher in Solothurn and then taught enthusiastically in secondary schools for seven years. In Dec '05 Corina and another teacher founded the institution for learning skills easy-learning in Egerkingen, which they have run successfully ever since. As the founder of easy-kid-care GmbH Corina Dreier-Gebauer is the Founder & Managing Director of the child education centres since March '12.

She gained a further qualification in adult education and is the practical trainer of students from upper college in childcare education.

Mrs. Dreier-Gebauer is deemed to be very helpful, approachable, proactive, innovative and purposeful.

Philipp Dreier : Human Resources, Backoffice and Maintenance

Human Resources, Backoffice and Maintenance

Philipp  Dreier completed a 3 - year training as a forest warden. Since 2006 he has been working for the swiss armed forces and in 2010 he completed his training as a professional warrant officer. As a warrant officer, he worked for the military engineering, as an instructor in the field of bridge construction and blasting. He gained a further qualification in the field of adult education and has been an instructor since 2012. At the moment he is in education as a HR specialist. He is responsible for the staff, the back office and all maintenance work.

Mr. Dreier is deemed to be very helpful, reliable, committed, humorous and creative.

Daniela Galfano : Centre Manager

Centre Manager

Daniela Galfano attended "Diplommittelschule" in Olten and Bern. After six years of experience as an office employee, she began her internship as a Early Years Teacher. Afterwards, in Aug '15, she started her studies as an Early Years Teacher at a higher education institution/ höhere Fachschule HF. In summer 2018 she successfully completed her studies as an Early Years Teacher with diploma in a higher education. At the moment she is in education as a Teamleader. Since January 2019, she gained experience as a Assistan Centre Manager and took over in September 2019 the position as a Center Manager.

Ms. Galfano is deemed to be dutiful, reliable, open-minded, humorous and creative.

Nadine Kölliker : Assistant Center Manager

Assistant Center Manager

Nadine Kölliker graduated in autumn 2018 with a bachelor's degree in Science in Education from the University of Bern. Since fall 2016 she is part of our team. In Summer 2019 she started as an Assistant Center Manager in Jobsharing.

Miss Kölliker is deemed to be motivated, reliable, humorous, spontaneous and supportive.

Flavia Baruzzo : Early Years Teacher

Early Years Teacher

Flavia Baruzzo is deemed to be very conscientious, friendly, helpful,  humorous and open.

Luca Tonet : Groupleader


Luca Tonet is deemed to be very loving, dedicated, reliable and helpful.

Tamara Vogel : Groupleader


Tamara Vogel is deemed to be very bubbly, cheerful, caring, dutiful and independent.

Jessica Hefti : Groupleader


Jessica Hefti is deemed to be very dutiful, committed, humorous and emphatic.

Sandrine Imesch : Groupleader


Sandrine Imesch is deemed to be very cheerful, empathic, conscientious and helpful.

Sarah Jap : Groupleader


Sarah Jap is deemed to be very ambitious, humorous, patient and friendly.

Holly Grant : Co-Groupleader English

Co-Groupleader English

Holly Grant is deemed to be very kind, creative, supportive, compassionate and patient.

Karin Baruzzo : Cook & Housekeeper

Cook & Housekeeper

Karin Baruzzo is deemed to be very helpful, resilent, open, flexibel and creative.

Beatrice Bütikofer : Child Care Assistant

Child Care Assistant

Beatrice Bütikofer is deemed to be very reliable, helpful, loving, friendly and happy.

Sarah Thalmann : Child Care Assistant English

Child Care Assistant English

Sarah Thalmann is deemed to be friendly, outgoing, diligent, resourceful and approachable.

Cheryl Carter : Trainee English

Trainee English

Cheryl Carter is deemed to be responsible, conscientious, compassionate, creative and friendly.


Courtney Mihajlovic : Trainee English

Trainee English

Courtney Mihajlovic is deemed to be empathetic, reliable, caring, and helpful.

Florian Süess : Apprenticeship English

Apprenticeship English

Florian Süess is deemed to be very open, creative, humorous, helpful und dutiful.

Jan Rufer : Apprenticeship


Jan Rufer is deemed to be very resilient, humorous, helpful, creative and reliable.

Gisela Kaltenrieder : Apprenticeship


Gisela Kaltenrieder is deemed to be very flexible, empathic, helpful and humorous.

Taddeo Peter : Apprenticeship


Taddeo Peter is deemed to be very humorous, helpful and dutiful.

Sina Rohner : Apprenticeship


Sina Rohner is deemed to be very accommodating, friendly, independent and helpful.

Daniela Jenni : Apprenticeship


Daniela Jenni is deemed to be loving, patient, open minded and spontaneous.

Alisha Fluri : Internship


Alisha Fluri is deemed to be very loving, reliable, friendly, helpful and goal-oriented.

Sirinthip Inwong : Internship English

Internship English

Sirinthip Inwong is deemed to be very friendly, patient, hard-working, reliable and respectful.