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Qualified staff is a characteristic of  easy-kid-care.

We place great value on perfectly trained staff. They are subjected to strict selection and application processes.

TeamTarget discussions are carried out regularly and progress, development and satisfaction are examined. The continuous further education of our care personnel is very important to us. We support them with educational and training programmes. Our quality management system ensures that we only employ the best.

The composition of our team is adapted to the care and educational needs of the babies and children in our trust.

Regular exchanges with a renowned nursery in London always ensure the high European standards of  easy-kid-care.

Corina Dreier-Gebauer : Founder / Managing Director

Founder / Managing Director

Following her matriculation in business and law, Corina Dreier-Gebauer qualified as a teacher in Solothurn and then taught enthusiastically in secondary schools for seven years. In Dec '05 Corina and another teacher founded the institution for learning skills easy-learning Gebauer & Claude in Egerkingen, which they have run successfully ever since. As the founder of easy-kid-care GmbH Corina Dreier-Gebauer is the Founder & Managing Director of the child education centres since Mar '12.

She gained a further qualification in adult education and is the practical trainer of students from upper college in childcare education.

Mrs. Dreier-Gebauer is deemed to be very helpful, approachable, proactive, innovative and purposeful.

Ludmilla Fink : Centre Manager Egerkingen

Centre Manager Egerkingen

Ludmilla Fink qualified as a Early Years Teacher in Germany. She has worked for 5 years as a Team Leader. Furthermore she did a professional training in negotiation and teamwork for one year. She gained a further qualification in the training of apprentices and is mainly responsible for the apprentices in our nursery. With a further education in team leadership, she is our head of centre in Egerkingen.

Mrs. Fink is deemed to be very responsible, motivated, reliable, thoughtful and polite.

Martina Hauri : Early Years Teacher/Group Leader German

Early Years Teacher/Group Leader German

Martina Hauri gained her early experience in two different internships. She completed her education as an Early Years Teacher  in a bilingual-school in Basel. After her qualification in summer 2015, she joined our team in Egerkingen as an Early Years Teacher.

Ms. Hauri is deemed to be very considerate, open-minded, committed, empathetic and responsible.

Pia Lanz : Nursery Nurse/ Cook & Housekeeper Egerkingen

Nursery Nurse/ Cook & Housekeeper Egerkingen

Pia Lanz is a mother of two adult sons. She is a qualified childcare worker and brings 20 years of experience in childcare with her. She is also responsible for the catering & housekeeping in our nursery. She leads the baby group.

Mrs Lanz is deemed to be very conscientious, caring, cheerful, reliable and helpful.

Daniela Galfano : Early Years Teacher German Olten

Early Years Teacher German Olten

Daniela Galfano attended "Diplommittelschule" in Olten and Bern. After six years of experience as an office employee, she began her internship as a Early Years Teacher. Afterwards, in Aug '15, she started her studies as an Early Years Teacher at a higher education institution/ höhere Fachschule HF. She is now in her final year of studies. She worked within our team in Egerkingen until Sept '17 when she moved to our second location in Olten.

Ms. Galfano is deemed to be dutiful, reliable, open-minded, humorous and creative.

Flavia Baruzzo : Early Years Teacher German Olten

Early Years Teacher German Olten

Flavia Baruzzo completed her apprenticeship as an Early Years Teacher in our centre in summer '16. Since then she worked as a qualified Early Years Teacher in Egerkingen before joining our team in Olten in Oct '17.

Ms. Baruzzo is deemed to be very conscientious, friendly, helpful,  humorous and open.

Ramona Bütikofer : Early Years Teacher Egerkingen

Early Years Teacher Egerkingen

Ramona Bütikofer otained her practical knowledge in a childcare facility in Olten for two years and completed her Early Years teaching apprenticeship. Afterwards she did an internship with the Curative Education Centre (HPS) in Olten. Since August '17 she has worked at our centre as a qualified Early Years Teacher.

Ms. Bütikofer is deemed to be very reliable, supportive, friendly, committed and open-minded.

Anna Cwidak : Early Years Teacher English Olten

Early Years Teacher English Olten

Anna Cwidak graduated from International Master programme in Early Childhood Education and Care. She studied and observed Early Childhood practice in several European countries: Norway, Ireland, Malta  and Poland. Her first teaching experience during student internships in Denmark and Sweden inspired her to search for child friendly Early Education models across Europe.  In 2013 she left Poland where she worked at a bilingual pre-school and moved to Switzerland where she took a position of a teacher at a bilingual day-care in Basel Stadt and later at the International School Basel.

Ms. Cwidak is deemed to be very patient, creative, active, curious, open-minded

Jeannine Heid : Early Years Teacher German Olten

Early Years Teacher German Olten

Jeannine Heid completed her Early Years Teaching apprenticeship in Zürich. Afterwards she had a 3 month language break in England. Since Dez '17 she has worked at our centre in Olten as a qualified Early Years Teacher.

Ms. Heid is deemed to be very reliable, caring, supportive, humorous and dedicated.

Jing Rochman : Co-Groupleader English Egerkingen

Co-Groupleader English Egerkingen

Jing Rochman completed her education in preschool practice in a trilingual setting in the Netherlands and worked in another trilingual daycare in Zürich while waiting for her diploma to be validated in Switzerland. Jing is a mother of two children and lived a couple of years in the US and Holland before her husband's job brought the whole family to Switzerland. In her spare time, Jing enjoys cooking and playing piano.

Mrs Jing is deemed to be outgoing, caring, enthusiast, diligent and conscientious.



Tamara Vogel : Apprenticeship Egerkingen

Apprenticeship Egerkingen

Tamara Vogel qualified upper school and completed her internship at easy-kid-care. In August '16 she started her apprenticeship as an Early Years Teacher in our centre.

Tamara is deemed to be very bubbly, cheerful, caring, dutiful and independent.

Nadine Kölliker : Office Assistant Olten

Office Assistant Olten

Nadine Kölliker successfully passed the Gymnasium in Zofingen in 2013.  After that she took up study in education and psychology at the University of Bern. When she’s not dancing ballet on her own she teaches dance lessons in different dancestyles. She even leads her own danceclass called „Spielgruppe“ and one for kids with disablilties in Langenthal. To obtain more experience she joined the team in Sept '16 as an Intern. Since Sept '17 she is our Office Assistant.

Miss Kölliker is deemed to be motivated, reliable, humorous, spontaneous and supportive.

Florian Süess : Internship English Egerkingen

Internship English Egerkingen

Florian Süess graduated from upper school in 2016 before travelling to Bournemouth (UK) and afterwards to Paris (FRA) for language study. He is currently completing an internship in preparation for his apprenticeship in 2018 as an Early Years Teacher.

Mr. Süess is deemed to be very open, creative, humorous, helpful und dutiful.

Shruthiga Balakrishnan : Internship English Egerkingen

Internship English Egerkingen

Shruthiga Balakrishnan had finished the secondary school level Sek E in summer '16. Afterwards she visited the Social Year NOWESA in Zurich and collected practical knowledge in childcare and in a hospital. In summer '17 she began her internship in our centre.

Ms. Balakrishnan is deemend to be happy, friendly, in a good mood, strong-willed and open-minded


Sarah Thalmann : Internship English Olten

Internship English Olten

Sarah Thalmann originally from Scotland, moved to Bern in August 2014. A graduate of Dundee University with a bachelors degree in Adult Nursing (Medical and Surgical), she then attended a language school in Bern to learn the German language. She now joins our team in Olten to complete her childcare internship and improve her language skills.

Mrs Thalmann is deemed to be friendly, outgoing, diligent, resourceful and approachable.

Cheryl Carter : Internship English Olten

Internship English Olten

Cheryl Carter, originally from England, joins us as a native English speaking intern. She has previously worked for an Optician in London where she helped children every day and so developed an interest in childcare and learning. She is looking to contribute to the well being of the children as well as improving her own German skills.

Ms Carter is deemed to be responsible, conscientious, compassionate, creative and friendly.


Carmaline Lye : Internship English Egerkingen

Internship English Egerkingen

Carmaline Lye, is a mother of three adult children. She qualified as "Office Secretary" in Sri Lanka. She is Sri Lankan and came to Switzerland in September 2017. Her passionate love for children grow and develop on a daily basis gave her a "Life School Lesson". With an ambition to develop her skills the Swiss Way, Carmaline has comitted herself to give her best to see children grow to their maximum potential in a secure, safe and caring surrounding.

Mrs Lye is deemed to be very patient, kind, caring, compassionate and helpful.